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What is Rocket?

Rocket has an elastic supply structure that is similar to AMPL.

However, the smart contract has been entirely reconstructed and rebuilt to fix the inherent flaws of its predecessor by implementing an increasing “target price”, which will gradually appreciate the price of each Rocket token over time. Rocket token holders can expect a very steady and predictable ROI (return on investment) with this brilliant ecosystem.

Target price

Rocket's Token Economics

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Rocket is a state of the art DeFi system that implements advanced token economics including token burns and staking into its fee structure.

We have implemented an elastic supply model that increases the amount of tokens in your wallet if the token price is over the “target price”, and decreases the amount of tokens if the token price is under the “target price”. This is known as a rebase.

This allows your percentage of the RCKT supply to be non-dilutive, meaning  your share of the total token stack never loses value as supply adjustments are universal.  While this feature of token-economics is similar to AMPL, RCKT has a key difference. Rocket’s target price gradually increases over time, rather than being fixed at $1. This means that casual investors, who may be unfamiliar with elastic supply and rebases, will see a long term upward trend on the RCKT chart, despite rebases. This makes RCKT an attractive investment for both casual and advanced investors.

Supercharged ROI

With gains from positive rebases and a perpetually increasing target price, Rocket token holders can expect a significant and sustained return on investment.

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Fee Breakdown

To support the increasing “target price”, Rocket implements a 3% fee on every token transaction transfer, including buys, sells, staking, etc.


Fee Breakdown 1

33.3% of this fee is burned forever.


Fee Breakdown 2

66.6% of this fee is rewarded as dividends to stakers.


Target Price

Target Price will start at $1.25 USD and increase at a steady rate of 2.5 cents a week, creating a self run ecosystem based on dividends and token burn, all supporting the increasing positive valuation of 1 RCKT Token.


Staking Dapp

Staking Overview

To implement staking into the Rocket ecosystem, we have developed a  Staking Dapp (Decentralized Application).  This contract charges an additional 2% fee on entering and 2% on exiting staking. The normal 3% fee breakdown is still the same, but the additional 2% fee is given as dividends to all current stakers, making the fee 5% to enter / exit the Dapp. Therefore, entering and exiting is always beneficial  due to constant dividends, which rewards long term holding and growth in staking.

Rocket is a state of the art DeFi system that implements advanced token economics including token burns and staking into its fee structure.

We have implemented an elastic supply model that increases the amount of tokens in your wallet if the token price is over the “target price”, and decreases the amount of tokens if the token price is under the “target price”.This is known as a rebase.

Staking Dashboard

Token Distribution Breakdown

Total Supply

3,000,000 RCKT

Circulating Supply

~1,700,000 RCKT

Coin Distribution Schema











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Pre-Sale:  40%

Exact Pre-Sale information & details are listed down in the RoadMap section.

Initial UniSwap Liquidity:  20%

We plan to start with 300k USD worth of liquidity; however we left leeway in case we want to add more liquidity in the future. Any excess RCKT will be used for future promotions.

Marketing & Audits:  20%

The team has established connections and partnerships with some of the top crypto YouTubers and influencers for initial marketing outreach. Additionally, a portion of these funds will utilized for the 3rd party audit of the smart contract.

Locked and Reserved:  15%

These tokens will be timelocked and used to further progress the ecosystem. In the future, the team will use these tokens to fuel Rocket’s growth. The tokens may be burned, timelocked, airdropped to stakers, or used to benefit holders in other ways.

Team Supply (Timelock):  5%

This is the team supply of tokens, which will be vested for 1 year.

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This is our roadmap for launch. It’s possible that we may deliver early on these milestones. However, the team would rather promise these dates, and deliver early, than the other way around.

Early August

Initial token-economic research & logistic framework created

The initial research for Rocket was done early August. Following that we decided the final mathematics and token economics, allowing us to start prepping for the presale.

August 25th 

Rocket V1 introduced to the public via Initial Presale

Private Presale: 300,000 tokens @ ~.75 USD (.0019 ETH)
Presale 1: 600,000 tokens @ ~1.00 USD (.0025 ETH) ,
Presale 2: 300,000 @ ~1.25 USD (.0032 ETH)
Presale will take place via Telegram & discord Invite links are at the bottom of the article.

August 27th

Uniswap exchange listing & Rocket V1 token airdrop

Rocket will be listed on UniSwap at a slightly higher price than Presale 2. All Presale investors will be airdropped RCKT and the trading of RCKT will commence. The 3% “fee”, staking, and elastic supply will not be enabled until mainnet launch, allowing people to accumulate RCKT & for price support to be established.

September 3rd

Rocket website launch.

The Official Rocket Website will be launched

September 8th

Ecosystem Whitepaper released.

Detailed whitepaper for the Rocket Ecosystem will be released, including the final math for the token economics & long term plans for the future.

September 14th

 Contract audited by a reputable third party firm

The contract will be audited by a reputable third party firm to ensure no bugs are in the mainnet contract.

October 25th

Rocket V2 mainnet & Staking launched

Rocket V2 will launch including all features listed in the whitepaper, elastic supply, staking, burn, and more.


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There are many projects under development, so why should we choose Rocket?

Will Rocket switch chains if Ethereum gas prices become too high and the network becomes unusable?

Many projects have died because of the bear market and COVID-19. How will Rocket survive a prolonged bear market or black-swan event?

Trust and Security are the most important things in cryptocurrency, is Rocket safe?

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